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It's OK to be Afraid

It’s ok to be afraid. I think I get scared every day. Whether it’s something that’s happened or a scary thought, there is fear in my life. I’m pretty sure that’s just what constitutes being a living organism on this planet.

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Yin Yoga for Tired Tummies

I use this sequence and variations of it when my tummy is not feeling so good. For me that’s usually period pains and IBS. These are usually accompanied by stress so I use this time to really try and feel what’s going on and breathe with it.

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Bedtime Yoga

A nice stretch before bed will leave you feeling open and more able to relax into your sleep posture. Releasing tension through the breath and turning the attention inward helps to slow down our systems for a restful night's kip.
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Finding Space in the Side Body

Finding space in my body to breathe is deeply exhilarating and refreshing. Stretching my sides, feeling my ribs and lungs full of life force is just too delicious not to share. Here are some examples of my side bending practice.

Solar Powered Yogis: How and Why we Salute the Sun

If you've every taken a yoga class, chances are you've probably come across Sun Salutation. They are a sequence of postures, usually repeated several times, often modified and adapted to suit the style of the class. Moving in unison with the breath connects you not only to your own body, but to everybody around, moving and breathing together, honouring the sun.
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Savasana: The Most Important Yoga Pose

Savasana is an asana (posture) practised at the end of most yoga classes, certainly all of mine! Translating as “corpse pose”, it is a practice of relaxation and of letting go. It is our time to just be. That's it. Sounds simple right? Far from it – staying committed in the pose makes it very testing.
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Meditation and Me: Truths, Tricks and Tips

Do you struggle with meditation? Me too. For a lot of us it doesn't come naturally, which is strange because when you think about it, it's the most natural thing of all: to just be...

Yoga for Shelter

The idea came to me in October, a few weeks after I moved back to Manchester. Even though I had lived in Manchester before, I was still shocked by the number of people sleeping rough. I hadn't been in Manchester over the winter before and wasn't much looking forward to the bitter North cold that was sure to come. I couldn't even imagine sleeping out on a summer night up here, let alone in the blistering chill that was already showing signs of arrival.
My Yoga Teacher Training Main

My Yoga Teacher Training

It’s been nearly four months since I completed my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), and still there isn’t a day that goes past when I don’t think of it. I did my training at Blue Osa in Costa Rica. I had lusted for travel for some time and saw this opportunity to combine my YTT with venturing to a new corner of the world. So with borrowed backpack full of leggings and sun cream, I waved goodbye to dreary England and set off on my adventure.