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It's OK to be Afraid

It’s ok to be afraid. I think I get scared every day. Whether it’s something that’s happened or a scary thought, there is fear in my life. I’m pretty sure that’s just what constitutes being a living organism on this planet.

So I can’t “inhale love, exhale fear” - I’ve tried and my life just doesn’t work out that way and I’m sorry if I’ve ever said that in a class. Fear can be a very useful reaction - it keeps us safe and protects us from making potentially life threatening choices.

What I work on is distinguishing whether the source is from actual danger or if I’ve allowed my mind to go on its wild journeys creating fear and anxiety. It’s not easy but I’m trying to own it. I am me and I feel fear sometimes and you know what I’m ok with that because I also feel love and happiness and a whole rainbow of emotions. And hell we need the sun AND the rain to see the rainbow.

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