My yoga story 2018

Yoga for Runners 2

Another post-run yoga stretch.

Yoga for Runners

A quick post-run stretch. Enjoy!

Yoga for Shoulders

Life brings our shoulders forwards so let’s shake life up and make some space up there.

Morning Yoga Sequence

What does a cat do when she first wakes up? She stretches out all those kinks of being curled up in a cute little ball for hours. She takes her time and she enjoys all the feels.

What do we do when we first wake up? My guess is that most of us are looking at phones or desperately rattling around to find the coffee.

What about if you took a little bit of time just for you? A few minutes when you wake up can make all the difference, leaving you feeling lighter and more energised.

So here we go, a morning yoga sequence based on moves that I like to do when I wake up.